Who I am

From an early age I've always had a keen interest in photography, and I thank my brother greatly for buying me my first Hanimex 110 as a birthday present, which set me on the path of great expectations and substandard exposures. But still, it was a start.

I was also always an avid reader, greatly inspired by my primary school library teacher who took it upon himself to read his class 'The Hobbit'. The rest, as they say is history.

Despite these early interests though, I've spent the whole of my working life working in the areas of electronics, IT networking, and security.

More recently however, I've felt the need to express my view of the world around me through photography and literature, and to more actively participate in the care of the planet upon which we live, and the flora and fauna with whom we share it. Some may say I'm going through a midlife crisis, and there's a good chance those some might be right. But if a midlife crisis forces me to take an active interest in the well-being of others, then so be it. I'm sure worse things have happened.

I would love to say I have some prestigious photography qualifications, but I don't. I've been published a few times, have won a few photography competitions (including winning a camera), and have a Diploma of Freelance Photography from the Australian College of Journalism. Everything else is self-taught. I aspire to take up a 3 year part-time course at the International College of Professional Photography, but that's at least a few years off.

But, I have passion and enthusiasm, and a willingness to experiment and explore. I love every moment of life, and wish the same for you.
Who I'm not

I'm not Karl Dawson 'That Standards Guy' from the UK. Even though we both work in IT, both have (OK, had) goatees, and both have an affiliation in Ipswich, he's not me. Feel free to feel sorry for him.

I'm not Karl Dawson from 'Advance Energy Therapies' from the UK, though for those of you who know me, this may be getting kinda spooky right about now.

I'm not the Karl Dawson who's the lead/rythm guitarist from the UK band 'Underground Zero'. Hmm, another UK reference....

And I'm not the Dr Karl Dawson who's the head of worldwide research at Alltech, a biotechnology company providing natural solutions to the feed and food industries. This is just getting too weird.

I am however willing to impersonate or body double for any of the above people if there's money in it for me. Or paddlepop sticks. I love paddlepop sticks.