This section of the site’s been empty for quite a while; not due to any particular lack of progress (although I admit it hasn’t been coming along as fast as I’d have liked), but more due to indecision about what I feel I can actually post here.

As a summary, I’m in the process of trying to write two books; one a fantasy fiction, and one a science fiction.  I’ve got around 100 pages of the fantasy fiction written, along with a lot of character development, location planning, and pre-history also completed. The science fiction book is, I’m afraid to say, only in a very broad outline, although it is at least down on paper.

In order to help myself along with both, I’ve purchased a copy of Dramatica Pro, which I’m hoping will add some formality to the somewhat chaotic array of notepads and Word documents I’m currently working with.

So, my biggest problem with this portion of the site is that I really don’t want to give anything away, which means there’s really not a lot to write about. My main motivation for this then, is so that it’s out there, and can act as a constant reminder for myself to get my butt into gear.

I recently bought a few ‘How To’ books, including ‘The Elements of Style’ by Strunk and White, and ‘How to Write a Great Story’ by Othello Bach. I’d highly recommend both.
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